Find comfort in introspection. Feel like the world isn't on your side? Check out while the Pisces moon meets Saturn. Take a spiritual rest day. When cosmic hurdles are in your way, action is not encouraged. Instead, ruminate on what may be the source of the blockage.


Is a friend going through it? Assess how much of their burden you’re willing to carry. Set a reasonable boundary. You may feel conflicted about helping while the Pisces moon unites with Saturn. It’s not your responsibility to take it all upon yourself. Give only what you can.


Melancholy may seep in today. Questioning your path in life? Success may feel miles away from where you are. Try not to let the Pisces moon meeting Saturn bum you out. The purpose of these feelings is to face up to what you want to change. Can you extract the wisdom?


How much faith do you have in the vision? Reality can depress your hopes while the Pisces moon encounters Saturn. This is not a sign to give up and quit. You may need to adjust your expectations, however! Focus on changing your viewpoint. Suffering is a matter of choice.


Working through grief? Feelings you thought you had surpassed may come up today. Move through the emotional turmoil. The Pisces moon fusing with Saturn may break the dam. Don’t hold back, especially if tears want to come out. Let go of restraint and release what’s difficult.


Receiving the cold shoulder? A partnership may need space as the Pisces moon meets Saturn. Don’t take offense. Chances are they are shielding you from what they are feeling. Let them work through their own heaviness. Accept that solitude is part of the process.


So many responsibilities! Overwhelmed by all the work on your plate? Muster up the patience to make it through. The Pisces moon linking up with Saturn tests your discipline. Pace yourself with what’s before you. If it becomes too much, take a rest to collect yourself and regroup.


Happiness feeling distant? The Pisces moon meeting Saturn can give the illusion that pleasure is nowhere to be found. Assess what’s blocking the connection to your inner child and consider this an invitation to reflect on what brings you joy. Doing the work can bring back the fun.


Home and family obligations can dampen your mood today. Do you feel like the weight is all on your shoulders? Become the source of stability while the Pisces moon joins Saturn. It may not be your ideal way to spend the day, but sometimes you have to do what must done.


Your connections may be more somber than usual. Need to have a serious conversation? Maturely talk it out. Find a good balance between consideration and pragmatism. The Pisces moon fusing with Saturn tests your ability to speak firmly while holding reasonable compassion.


A financial responsibility may be hard to escape. The Pisces moon joins with Saturn to get your money in order. Numbers in shambles? Call upon the emotional discipline necessary to sort through the mess. You’ll feel much more secure when you know the bottom line.


Confronting your fears? A resistance to life may try to hold you back while the Pisces moon fuses with Saturn. Remember what fear is—false evidence appearing real. When you look at what you’re up against from a pragmatic lens, the difficult emotions will start to melt away.


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