Recovering lost confidence? Capitalize on conversation. Open dialogues offer an ego boost as the sun and Chiron harmonize. The more you speak up, the more you’ll feel your conviction returning. Fears of being misconstrued are reconciled. You command other’s respect via your masterful way with words.


Renewed sense of self-worth? As the sun and Chiron harmonize, intuitive hits encourage you to quit doubting yourself! Your integrity is one of your best qualities, and your peers hold you in high esteem Even if you don’t know it, the moves you make now are inspiring others to live up to their OWN potential.


Healing an identity wound? As the sun and Chiron harmonize, your peers regard you as a leader. Their respect restores your confidence. In the past, you’ve preferred to blend into the crowd for fear of making social waves. But today others honor you for your uniqueness. Shining your light inspires your community.


Cutting your losses? Letting go and moving on is a sign of growth as the sun and Chiron harmonize. Sometimes you can’t make progress because you’re trying to force a specific outcome. A different path is waiting for you. Today, surrender the old to seize the new.


Focused on your future? Release limiting beliefs about your knowledge and abilities as the sun and Chiron harmonize. All those “failings” you internalized? Those shortcomings that “held you back”? Turns out they were gifts! Today, flaws are rebranded as blessings that will help you to achieve your dreams.


Taking back your power? As the sun and Chiron harmonize, your greatest insecurities become your greatest motivation. You’re sick of letting anxieties steer your life. You can no longer tolerate playing small.  Daring to expose your light despite a fear of vulnerability delivers authority you never dreamed of!


Moving on? As the sun harmonizes with Chiron, focusing on your future allows you to form healthier relationships. History does not have to repeat. You are not doomed to reenact old romantic disappointments. Today, giving yourself permission for life to look different allows you to heal.


Embrace change! As the sun and Chiron harmonize, you quit allowing familiar stressors to run your life. Fearing the worst in a work or health matter can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today, admit the truth: that you don’t KNOW what’s going to happen. Liberation lies in the mystery of it all!


Willing to risk exposure? As the sun harmonizes with Chiron, put your fears of vulnerability to bed. Past romantic disappointments taught you to guard your heart carefully, but you have more to gain than to lose by showing loved ones who you really are. Today’s exchanges make that clear.


Asking for the support you need? As the sun and Chiron harmonize, you’re entitled to prioritize your needs. You’re always showing up for others, but others rarely check in on you because they assume you’ve got everything covered. Today, break the pattern that is keeping you exhausted.


Tired of toning it down? Break the chains of self-consciousness! As the sun and Chiron harmonize, self-expression is your superpower. You not only do yourself an injustice when you restrain your creativity – you do your community a disservice too. Others are waiting to be dazzled by your wit and ingenuity.


Feeling safe and secure? As the sun and Chiron harmonize, phantom fears of poverty or loss melt away. A part of you that worries you could lose everything at any time. But today, you’re grounded and at peace. When you quit catastrophizing about hypotheticals, you can really enjoy the moment!


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