Assuming the worst? A doom and gloom outlook complicates communication as Mercury and Saturn clash. Chances are, you’re the only one overanalyzing this interaction. Don’t get hung up on minor misunderstandings. Give it a day and you’ll have a clearer understanding of the situation.


Scrutinizing a contract? As Mercury and Saturn clash, you’re unclear about your options. Reach out for advice. Someone in your circle has wisdom to share. But even with their hot takes, take time to study the fine print. You don’t have to make any decisions today. And you SHOULDN’T.


Nervous energy? Interactions with superiors can go sideways as Mercury and Saturn clash. Misunderstandings make things awkward. You and the boss have two different approaches to tackling an issue. Neither is bad, but they probably aren’t compatible. It might be hard, but try to do more listening than speaking today.


Wrestling with negativity? Faulty intuition causes imposter syndrome to flare as Mercury and Saturn clash. You’re afraid of looking foolish or being criticized. Fear of saying the wrong thing ensures your silence. Try to interrupt intrusive thoughts. This spiral should only last a day or so.


Can’t find common ground? Mercury and Saturn’s clash calls certain relationships into question. Do you really know them at all? If someone’s words differ from their actions take note. Trust the person they show themselves to be. Talking things out won’t give you the clarity you need. Pay attention.


Hostile interactions? Trusted relationships become cold as Mercury and Saturn clash. Is it a misunderstanding or a missed red flag? Take space and clear your head. They might be unwilling to compromise. Then again, YOU might not want to. This could be a breaking point.


Losing the plot? Slow way down as Mercury and Saturn clash. Negative thinking is clouding your judgment. Take your time in conversations today. Scrutinizing the details can keep you from seeing the whole picture. This might not be as deep as you think it is.


Feeling lonely? Mercury and Saturn’s clash provokes pessimism. You think everyone’s having a better time than you. Find a distraction! Doom-spiraling is your destiny if you can’t get out of your head. Don’t give into anxiety. Instead, put your energy into a passion or pastime like it’s your job until the horrors pass!


Regretting what you said? Blame it on Mercury's clash with Saturn. You were just trying to be honest! Today, everyone is taking things said the wrong way. You included. Attempts to “clarify” what you meant will only lead to more confusion or hurt feelings. Wait to fix this.


Communication breakdown? You’re better off working solo as Mercury and Saturn clash, to avoid details getting lost in the shuffle. Tempted to accuse others of “not getting it”? Consider how you’re explaining your ideas. Remember, not everyone knows this subject like you. Try to simplify.


Tempted to take a gamble? Think twice before saying “yes” as Mercury and Saturn clash. Less is more today. Financial or time restrictions might be hurting your self-esteem, but if you refuse to make an adult decision, you only be set back further. Consider the long game.


In your head? As Mercury and Saturn clash, you want to discuss the past, but others seem to remember events differently. This lack of agreement on shared history can be confusing or hurtful, but it will also grant insight. Others involved have a different take. Are you willing to hear them out?


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